About You Are.Here

You Are.Here is a ministry of soul care for those in ministry as much as those who don’t believe in the soul. More forthcoming this summer.

About the Recovering Pastor

When I started this blog as a way to further develop ideas about theology and ministry I’d begun on previous outlets, in a cute turn of phrase, I thought I was ‘the Recovering Pastor.’ I am not. At least, not alone. In fact, I’ve met enough former pastors, burnt-out pastors, been-burnt pastors, addicted pastors and broken pastors to believe that, as much as the recovering pastor needs care, there is a special voice of care the recovering pastor has, in their vulnerability, to offer the spiritually curious, the overburdened, the heartbroken—and the Church, which is watching.

In an image, the Recovering Pastor is the space where the polar ends of the spectrum curve back toward each other: the one falling off the edge of agnosticism (for good or bad) and the one falling off the edge of established faith (for good or bad).

My prayerful intention is that the Recovering Pastor will undergo some changes in the near future: to make space for additional voices, to refine its voice and scope, and to move in a direction that is magically both inwardly and outwardly focused.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam.

About Brian (Br.)

I was a bivocational pastor in L.A. before I stopped doing that and moved to Cleveland (Ohio), where I’m doing other things but also trying to do that again—except, hopefully, better. Today, I’m an avocational spiritual director in the neighborhood of Tremont.

I’m a recovering addict and a hopeless romantic. I’m a failed gardener, a simply awful church planter, a mostly unsuccessful poet and a pretty bad dancer. I’m an aspiring contemplative and neighbor. I pray thanksgiving for black coffee, hoppy ales, decent whiskey and 1980s road bikes, because these demonstrate Gød’s special and prodigal favor on humanity.

To contact me, contact me.